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Godly Confidence > Anxiety

Godly self-confidence is taking the ‘self’ out and understanding that God carefully chose your combination of features, characteristics and gifting’s combining them to make you, YOU! Even though the world and the lies of the enemy may disagree, the way... Continue Reading →

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Getting Messy with God

As I started to write this blog, I wasn’t aware of how many people would read it. Surprisingly people began to comment or contact me sharing that they are grateful for how vulnerable I was being about my faith. As... Continue Reading →

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Gratitude, Regrets, Hope

As the 'New year, New me' status' and blogs appear, i thought i'd take the time to reflect upon the last year too. I'm incredibly grateful for all the adventures i enjoyed: Turning 22 Prayer Team at Creationfest Mission Trip... Continue Reading →

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Trusting God through tough times

To trust where we cannot trace God is the ultimate test of our willingness to follow Him. There are times in every believer's life when God requires them to step out into the unknown--to take a leap of faith--to go... Continue Reading →

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“You’re going to be OK”

"You’re going to be ok." A phrase I often tell myself. A phrase I can’t survive without. A phrase I know is true but sometimes the hardest thing to believe. Several months ago I went through one of the hardest... Continue Reading →

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False Expectations

From movies to social media, i've grown up in a world where they have given me false expectations of what life is suppose to look like. The typical Disney movie: The Hero gets the girl, they fall in love, have... Continue Reading →

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Child-Like Questioning

I’ve been reflecting more than usual, which means I’ve been increasingly questioning, anything and everything. If I’m honest God has reminded me that I’ve been more childlike recently because of it; you know how children go through the “But why”... Continue Reading →

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The Christian Bubble Problem

The Christian Bubble. The cute little safe season of life where you surround yourself with other Christians. It’s nice.  In fact probably the most secure space to live in. But, is that where we are meant to be? Has God... Continue Reading →


Recently a met a young person who refused to get involved with anything, they would attend events but purposefully disengage with everything and everyone. This highly frustrated me. When spoke to or prompted to smile or wake up they would... Continue Reading →

Challenging Questions//Spiritual Journal//Day Five//

Day five: 17. An area of my spiritual life where I need to seek God’s guidance is: In ministry. I need to be bolder in delivering the actions i believe God is asking me to do and being brave in... Continue Reading →

Challenging Questions//Spiritual Journal//Day Four

My spiritual gifts are: This is a bit of a weird one to post but it’s part of a list I’m following which I’ll post on day five. I am able to speak in tongues, this is my favourite way... Continue Reading →

Challenging Questions//Spiritual Journal//Day Three

Day three: 9. My enthusiasm for the gospel is increased when: I step out and share it through praying for others or give words of knowledge/prophecy. My life as an evangelist came truly alive earlier this year when I did... Continue Reading →

Challenging Questions//Spiritual Journal//Day two

5. An aspect of God’s character He has recently revealed to me: His gentleness and grace. I think it’s through counselling that I’ve been in a better place to receive Gods gentleness. That might sound really strange. For a while... Continue Reading →

Challenging questions//Spiritual Journal//Day one

This week I was most blessed by: Finishing reading a book, somehow I pretty much read an entire book (apart from 2 chapters) in one week. My counselor gave me a book called “Relationships: a mess worth making.” To summarize... Continue Reading →

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